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Basketball Squares F.A.Q.

There are many different variations of how people play Basketball squares, also known as March Madness Squares. We have a help page that you can use to learn How to Play Basketball Squares
Yes, you can change the payout structure to match your needs for each of your grids. If you have multiple grids, you can have separate payout structures per grid. We simply provide a sample of what can be done.
Definitely! A lot of our Admins use Basketball Squares to help generate money for charity, sports teams, organizations, etc. Since you can edit the Rules for your grids, you can define whatever payout structure that matches your needs.
We let the Admin handle any money collection and/or distribution of funds from/to the Players. We simply provide a service that lets Admins manage your Basketball Squares online.
Since we do not get involved with funds from Players, we do not have an integrated solution that requires Users to pay before selecting Squares. However, we have provided a very easy way for Admins to add or remove players from their Grids.
The timeframe of how long your Grids will be available is defined at the time of purchase. Usually this is about a month or so after March Madness ends.
Yes, you can definitely use our Service for any game, including NFL, college football, etc.. If you are planning on running Squares for Football, we recommend using our other site for Football Squares.